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Frank Schwabe verurteilt die mutmaßlichen Wahlfälschungen in Belarus


Frank Schwabe hat in seiner Funktion als Fraktionsvorsitzender der Fraktion der Sozialisten, Demokraten und Grünen in der Parlamentarischen Versammlung des Europarates ein Statement zur Lage in Belarus gegeben.

The Group of the Socialists, Democrats and Greens in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (SOC) condemns the mass alleged falsifications that took place during the Presidential Elections in Belarus on the 9th of August. Such allegations of falsification undermine the legitimacy of Alexander Lukashenko as a democratically and freely elected President of Belarus.

We also condemn the excessive violence against civilians taking place in Belarus these days. Both the alleged falsifications and the violence must be subject to international investigation and those responsible for it must be held accountable under the international criminal law. 

Belarus has applied to join the Council of Europe; under the condition of fulfillment of commitments with regard to human rights, rule of law and democracy, especially abolition of death penalty we would strongly welcome Belarus among the Council of Europe member states.

In the meantime, however, given the present situation the Council of Europe should play an important role by sending out a mission which will contribute to the examination and stabilization of the situation in Belarus in the nearest future. Our Organisation stands ready to fulfil this responsibility.